We offer a variety of Occupational Health Services

Occupational Medicine

  • Evaluation and treatment of work-related illness and injury
  • Minor surgery
  • Vaccination Services including Influenza, Hepatitis B, Tetanus, and TDaP
  • Complete Laboratory Services
  • Ability to dispense Durable Medical Equipment for convenient care
  • On-site digital radiology department
  • Our medical providers are board certified, DOT certified, MRO certified and up to date on the Federal and State regulations for workforce health and safety.

Pre-Employment Services

  • Pre-placement services, including drug screens, alcohol breath analysis, general physical examinations, eye exams, X-rays, pulmonary function testing, EKG and audiometric
  • DOT examinations
  • HAZMAT examination
  • OSHA-MIOSHA compliance examinations
  • Respirator Fit testing
  • Fit for Duty exams and Return to Work exams
  • Firefighter, Police, and Merchant Marine examinations
  • Human Performance Evaluations and Functional Testing

Employee Drug Testing Services

  • DOT Drug Screens
  • Non-DOT drug screens, urine, hair and saliva testing
  • Breath and blood alcohol tests
  • Online drug screen reporting

On Site Physical Therapy Department

  • Experienced staff
  • Hands on therapy
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Injury specific exercise program

The advantages of this relationship include

  • Integrated process of care
  • Consolidated billing and reporting
  • Partnership with Lansing Mason Ambulance service for after-hours care
Workhealth Occupational Medical Center

WorkHealth provides reports designed to accommodate the needs of employers and employees.

Benefits include

  • Same or next-day injury reports
  • Flexibility to report directly to key stakeholder including employers, insurers, employees, and clinicians to facilitate processing of claims.


840 E. Mount Hope Ave.
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Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Holiday hours vary please call ahead